Quality, impact, purpose of visualisations.

Even some of the best in the industry are still getting it wrong!

I’m still seeing top realtors offering very considerable listings with substandard visualisations. One could consider the maximising of commissions may be playing a role, however I don’t believe this to be the case, rather I believe that it’s actually the case of many realtors still being unaware of the capabilities of some visualisation companies. Of course there are cost differences in employing such companies but considering the listings and the potential commissions involved as well as reputation security and growth, how could the cost differences possibly be the reason for such short comings.

Naturally companies who don’t keep up with the latest technologies and methods have little choice but to exploit the unawareness for their own commercial survival but it cannot argued that the maximum sale potentials are being lost because of it.

We could ask, how much does this really matter?

Considering developers are not selling a shelter but rather a lifestyle, a dream, then so very much as the sale of one unit of any location has a tremendous effect on the potential sale price of the other properties surrounding it so most clearly, setting a president for every single property of a development is vital.

The presentation of the first visualisation of a property’s potential to a prospective client can be the most important component of any pre-build or renovation sale process.

In my next blog I would like to address distinguishing the clear differences between the quality work of some artists and the unconvincing visuals of the companies still lacking the skills and talent to produce the quality of work developers deserve.

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