What are project specific webistes and what do they do?


Well to answer that question quite simply; we have developed a new service that gets our clients huge publicity and new clients for little to no costs, quite simply through publicising their “specific projects” expertly online.


Quite simply, as a team we've developed an ingenious way to gain a firm huge exposure by having links to their website on other "industry specific websites" where potential clients for their services visit and we achieve this through publicising their projects on project specific websites that we create, which not only gives them this huge SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) boost, it also gives valuable exposure to the whole project team, starting from the architect on to the engineer, the contractor, the client and their partners and thus very effectively increasing their firm's exposure to a whole wealth of new potential clients, whilst also actually reducing your project costs and project time losses, which you may find hard to believe at this point but which we can very easily demonstrate.


Here at Advanced Visualisation we employ professional architects with many years experience, visualizers who develop world class renders, software developers who develop the latest business cloud software systems and ingenious website designers who are experts in not only ensuring a website digitally translates its true purpose but also websites that will be found at the top on related searches with Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.


The expert solution we offer takes everyone on a live journey of the project's development from its initial concept through to its full completion, making this the most effective way to ensure community involvement to get the public’s views and opinions to assist in the required public consultations and planning applications as quite simply, we make it far easier for all involved to do so, than not to.


Our process is very simple, we create a project specific website in as little as two weeks and every couple of weeks, we would simply contact our clients for updates on the progress of their work, which we would then place onto ther project specific website and they don’t even need to worry about having to provide us with a completely polished pieces of information as our in-house team is more than capable of going through the information they provide us with ourselves i.e. Stage Reports, Design and Access Statements as well as Press Releases so we are there for them if and when they need us so that they can be sure, everything is formulated appropriately before being published onto their project specific website.


A project specific website can be setup from as early as the Feasibility or Concept Design Stage in order to keep the Public, Potential Buyers as well as the Investors up to date on the Key Milestones, Developments and Processes and this can be acheived through everything from comments, videos, images, drawings where appropriate and the latest news.


This solution will enable simplicity for people to comment on the work from any device they prefer and from any location worldwide 24/7 and our clients never have to worry as they will always hold complete control over which comments and communications get posted live as we provide them with a simple to use 24/7 / any device solution that enables them to instantly reply to all communications as they require and thus ensuring true and instant engagement with all of their audiences is acheived in real time.


Utilising this solution for projects gives huge additional exposure, more new clients, trust from all who engage with a firm as well as an ever-growing historical portfolio that solidifies your firms brand, online presence and  also their value.


Please contact us today or at your first opportune moment if you would like to see for yourself that this is THE most accessible and most effective way to keep the public up to date on the exact progress of their projects and it also enables this from its very early stages on to the actual construction and the final completion of the build.

On a final note, this solution won't break the bank either and this can even be presented to clients as a chargeable service.


To find out more about our project specific websites or any of our other services such as our first class affordable renders, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line or call us directly on 01914909270 as  we are happy to explain this new exper soltion to you in more detail, even if you only want to find out more about what we and other firms are doing in the industry to get ahead.


Here is a link to a project specific website example should you wish to review an example of this service: Project Specific Website